Duifje met Ganda Ham en asperges met saffraan

Pigeon with Ganda Ham and asparagus with saffron



Bring a poultry bouillon with the peels of 1kg of asaparagus to a boil and leave to simmer. Use the liquid to cook the asparagus ans leave them to cool down in the liquid. Roast the pigeon in butter, leave to cook until pink, in the oven. Cut and keep it warm. Degrease the pan and deglaze with fond of pigeon to which you add the carcasses. Let it reduce. When achieved the desired thickness of the sauce, add some chopped basil, season and sieve the sauce. Thicken it with some butter.

Reduce 1dl of the cooking liquid from the asparagus, until half remains. Add a pinch of saffron and thicken with butter. Cut the asparagus, heat them in a small amount of cooking liquid and wrap in Ganda Ham. Put on the plate upright and dress around the carved pigeon breast. Cut the thigh and dress on the plate. Spoon up teh sauces aroudn the dish and garnish with a few twigs of fried basil.


  • 1 kg asparagus + peels
  • poultry bouillon
  • pigeon
  • pigeon fond
  • basil
  • saffron
  • Ganda Ham
  • Butter