The striving for quality has always been the key in the philosophy of Vleeswaren Corma. An attitude that is indispensable in the production of a natural product, an environmental process and good social relations within the company.

Still, this artisan approach goes hand in hand with contemporary technology. Vleeswaren Corma offers its collaboration to numerous scientific research projects in order to continuously optimize the quality of the Ganda Ham and to further improve the production process.

As early as 1992, Ganda made structural efforts towards integral quality care, which paid off one year later when Ganda was the very first Belgian meat sector company to obtain the ISO 9002 certificate. The guarantee for an officially recognized and thorough quality system. Years ago, Ganda endeavoured to guarantee the traceability of each ham all the way to the pig farm. A practice which has by now become commonplace in the food industry. This is why we obtained the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the IFS Food Standard. Both standards are intended for the suppliers of private label products to the retailer and have as their chief objectives food safety and hygiene in the food processing sector.

Auto control is the combination of measures taken by Ganda to ensure that the products meet the (legal) prescriptions regarding food safety, quality, and traceability throughout all stages of the production, processing, and distribution handled by Ganda itself. We make use of the “auto control guide”, a document approved by the FASFC, written up by and for the sector indicating how to meet the legal requirements regarding hygiene, traceability, and auto control.

At least once per year, the suppliers of raw materials are also subjected to an extensive evaluation according to a number of fixed criteria which are turned into objective figures (among others punctual deliveries, quality, temperature, hygiene, returns, document correctness, price). Any complaints are assessed for merit by the head of the department in question. The latter decides in conjunction with the other responsible persons whether the complaint is to be accepted, and what immediate actions are to be undertaken. Actions and responses and registered in a non-conformity report. The customer is always kept informed. The final step of the complaint process is to ensure that the observed issue does not reoccur.

In addition to our own strict quality requirements, about 10 tonnes of our products are also organically certified. The term ‘organic’ is legally protected. Therefore, there is a mandatory inspection if you wish to market your products as ‘organic’. This applies to all stages in the market: farming, processing, distribution, sale. Ganda processes and sells organic products, for which it is certified as an organic processor.

Ganda Ham contains no flavouring or colouring agents, no nitrates or nitrites, no gluten or allergens, no preservatives. A pure product! Ganda Ham is easily digestible and contains less than 10% fat, which consists for the most part (54%) of unsaturated fatty acids (cholesterol 85mg/100g).

In addition, Ganda supports healthy, creative cuisine with Ganda Ham by participating in innovative chef’s recipes. The company cooperates in the development of innovative recipes that include Ganda Ham, and sponsors culinary competitions.